France requests international organizations look into the 'Sabotage' of Nord Stream

Paris: According to French politician Marine Le Pen on Wednesday, international organisations must look into the gas leak in the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines and determine who was behind the "sabotage."

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"Gas leaks on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines require an international investigation. Sabotage is currently occurring, and there are those who would actually like to worsen the situation and promote war. This is extremely worrying. It is the responsibility of the international organisations to identify those responsible for this act of sabotage, so we need their help "Le Pen made the statement on RTL radio.

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A dispatcher had noticed a sharp drop in pressure in one of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline's segments, according to information provided to Sputnik by Nord Stream AG on Monday. The incident happened close to the Bornholm island in Danish waters. Later in the day, the operator reported that both strings of Nord Stream 1 had also experienced a pressure drop.

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Gas pipeline operator Nord Stream AG stated on Tuesday that it was impossible to predict when the Nord Stream pipelines could begin to function again but added that all available resources were being used to evaluate the damage.
Investigations are being done as there is still no indication of what caused the incidents. The disruption was caused by detonations, according to Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde earlier in the day, which suggests that it was sabotage.

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