French President Macron calls for global response to Covid 19, G20 Summit

Nov 22 2020 04:51 PM
French President Macron calls for global response to Covid 19, G20 Summit

French President Emmanuel Macron while addressing the Group Of 20, G20 Riyadh summit calls for a global, coordinated and united response to effectively fight the coronavirus pandemic. "The DNA of the G20 is to urgently forge effective multilateral solutions to crises," said Macron at the summit, adding that the current sanitary crisis is a test for the G20 and only a global response would be efficient in addressing the crisis. 

President stressed that "the universal access to health technologies against Covid-19" is the next fight to be carried out in the world. "We need to avoid at all costs a scenario of a two-speed world where only the richer can protect themselves against the virus and resume normalcy," he said. French President has put forward his opinion for the vaccine, suggested the creation of a donation system for the vaccination of priority populations in developing countries. 

He suggest promoting industrial partnerships and production with developing countries during the health emergency.  "Promote research and production capacities for health technologies, including in Africa, constitutes our best protection against future pandemics." The G20 group countries account for 85% of World's total GDP. The summit expects the countries to take more initiatives through closer cooperation to address the pandemic and also the  lasting and far-reaching impact on the world economy. 

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