Man kills friend after drinking alcohol
Man kills friend after drinking alcohol

Recently a new case of crime has come up which is shocking. In this case, in a minor dispute from Begusarai in Bihar, friends called from home and shot and killed the young man. This case is being reported from Saidpur in Matihani police station area.

According to the information received 35 years old. Shami was called by his friends from home and then drunk him and murdered him. Mo Asarf, brother of the deceased, spoke in relation to this matter. Mo Asraf said, 'Mo Sabir, Mo Tanveer and Mo Tanveer's father Mo Gayasul from the village called him from the house and gave him liquor first and later shot Danadan three.'

Not only this, according to the information received in this case, Mo Parvez has died on the spot and now the family says that a few days ago there was a dispute between Mo Parvez and Mo Sabir about the minor matter which was later In Panchayat, the agreement was reached by calling. By the way, this case cannot be called the first such case, but even before this, many such cases have been reported which have been shocking. At present, the investigation is going on in this case.

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