Michael Jackson biopic unveiled at cinema con 2024 see details !
Michael Jackson biopic unveiled at cinema con 2024 see details !

The CinemaCon 2024 event in Las Vegas ended on a touching note as producer Graham King unveiled the first-ever trailer for the movie "Michael." Directed by Antoine Fuqua, known for his work on "The Equalizer" series and "Southpaw," this biographical musical drama is set to hit theaters on April 18, 2025. Jaafar Jackson, the nephew of Michael Jackson, takes on the role of his iconic uncle in the biopic.

Exclusive to the CinemaCon audience, the trailer brought back Michael Jackson's charismatic presence to life on the big screen. It opens to the sounds of enthusiastic fans cheering for their favorite artist. The footage then takes us back to Jackson's childhood, where his mother imparts words of wisdom about embracing his uniqueness despite the challenges it may bring. A voice-over in the trailer captures the essence of what performing meant to Jackson, describing it as pure "magic." Reports indicate that the film will feature over 30 songs and will cover the entirety of Michael Jackson's musical journey, potentially making it a lengthy viewing experience. 

Addressing Jackson's controversies, the producer acknowledged the intense scrutiny and complexities of the pop star's life, emphasizing that behind the fame, Jackson was simply a human being. Jaafar Jackson stars as the titular character, with Colman Domingo portraying father Joe Jackson, Nia Long as mother Katherine Jackson, and Miles Teller as manager John Branca. The film aims to delve into Jackson's life beyond the scandals, showcasing the man behind the music. The trailer reportedly highlights Jaafar's striking resemblance to his uncle, staying true to Michael Jackson's enigmatic presence as a performer.

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