From Digital Marketing Legend to Sought After Author, Here's Ayman Kaddoura's Journey

Jun 12 2021 11:31 AM
From Digital Marketing Legend to Sought After Author, Here's Ayman Kaddoura's Journey

Ayman Kaddoura was quite young when he decided that digital marketing is his calling. Today, he leads one of the most sought-after digital marketing companies The Bridge Technology and has authored a prominent book about the rise of social media as well. He takes pride in the fact that he has been able to work on different aspects of digital marketing and yield results.

While he was clear about his ambition in the industry, he decided to hone his skills with different prestigious courses. He has received Advanced Professional Course in Digital Marketing from DigiGYAN Institute of Professional Training. Moreover, he has been awarded Honor of Service by the International Telecommunication Union. Another feather on his cap includes the Social Media Marketing Certification from PDIUM.

Today, he has become a force to reckon with in the world of digital marketing and most of all he is known for his social media marketing. Be it  LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter , Facebook, Youtube or any similar platform, he knows how to attract the attention of the customer and make a successful relationship as a brand.

After investing time in social marketing, he was inspired to pen his own book, Social Media: A Blessing and A Curse. The book is available online on Kindle and it won't be an exaggeration to call it a gospel in the world of digital marketing.

According to Ayman Kaddoura, "This book seeks to scrutinize the concept of social media and bring to light all the parts of it that have been covered up by shadows. We can never truly know a thing until we take out time to understand and this is a principle I believe needs to be applied to social media. Through this book, I also want to open your eyes to unending opportunities available to you through this social media, those things that you have overlooked as being too good to be true or have just never had the time to dig deeper to understand their inner workings."

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