From Hiramandi to Bandish Bandits, every pain medicine is this musical series, see on the OTT platform today
From Hiramandi to Bandish Bandits, every pain medicine is this musical series, see on the OTT platform today

On the occasion of World Music Day, Bollywood has produced several musical series that embody the essence of music in various forms. These series not only entertain but also delve deep into the cultural and emotional aspects of music, connecting audiences on a profound level.

Bandish Bandits

Amazon Prime Video's "Bandish Bandits," co-created by Amritpal Singh Bindra and Anand Tiwari, stands out as a musical series. The story revolves around Radhe, played by Ritwik Bhowmik, a classical musician who meets pop singer Tamanna Sharma (played by Shreya Chaudhry). The series also features stellar performances by Nasiruddin Shah, Sheeba Chaddha, and Atul Kulkarni. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have composed the soundtrack for this series.




Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Netflix, "Heeramandi" boasts exceptional music that has topped charts. Songs like "Sakal Ban," "Nazariya Ki Maari," "Saiyaan Hato Jaao," and "Chaudhvin Shaab" blend classical tunes with traditional lyrics inspired by Amir Khusro. Bhansali's passion for music shines through in this series.



Piya Behrupiya

"Pya Behrupiya" is a musical adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy "Twelfth Night." Directed by Atul Kumar for Jee Theatre, it features a fusion of folk music narrating the love story of Duke Orsino, Olivia, Cesario, and Viola. The series stars Geetanjali Kulkarni, Amitosh Nagpal, Sagar Deshmukh, Manasi Multani, Mantra Mugdh, Gagan Riar, Neha Saraf, Tripti Khamkar, and Saurabh Nayyar.



Aaj Rang Hai

"Aaj Rang Hai," a teleplay by Ji Theatre, revolves around Beni Bai, a former classical singer who imparts wisdom through music. Directed by Saurabh Srivastava, it features Trishla Patel, Sarika Singh, Prerna Chawla, Preetika Chawla, Pawan Uttam, Imran Rasheed, Sukant Goyal, Nishi Doshi, and Rajshree Deshpande.



Ladies Sangeet

"Ladies Sangeet" explores the intersection of tradition and modernity through music. This teleplay features performances by Joy Sengupta, Nidhi Singh, Siddhant Karnick, Lavleen Mishra, Harsh Khurana, Sarika Singh, Monika Gupta, Niranjan Aiyangar, Mallika Singh, and Nivedita Bhargava. These series not only entertain but also celebrate the universal language of music, making them perfect choices to commemorate World Music Day.



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