From 'Neech' to New Controversy: Derogatory Language in Indian Politics
From 'Neech' to New Controversy: Derogatory Language in Indian Politics

New Delhi: Amidst the controversy surrounding BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri's remarks against BSP MP Danish Ali, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey has made shocking allegations, claiming that Danish Ali also made "highly objectionable and blasphemous" remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that the BSP called PM Modi "Neech" which triggered Ramesh Bidhuri's response.


In a letter to Speaker Om Birla, Dubey accused Ali of giving a running commentary during Bidhuri's address in Lok Sabha on Thursday (September 21), as well as making derogatory remarks intended to provoke him. Describing the sequence of events, MP Dubey stated that Danish Ali made "highly objectionable and blasphemous" remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, using the 'neech' jibe, which, according to the BJP leader, "was enough for any patriotic public representative to lose his calm and respond with unsavory remarks." Dubey unequivocally condemned Bidhuri's remarks, stating that no decent society could support them and that they could not be criticized enough.

Furthermore, Dubey argued that the issue of 'breach of privilege,' which Danish Ali and other Members of Parliament have been vocal about, cannot be examined in isolation as it would result in a significant and irreversible "miscarriage of justice."

Dubey stated in his letter that TMC and DMK members made comments regarding another community's faith. Dubey stated that on Thursday, TMC MP Saugat Roy mocked the Ramayana, a Hindu sacred scripture, claiming that Lord Rama and the Pushpak Vimaan mentioned in the Hindu epic do not exist and that it is a fictitious tale. The TMC stated, "Ram aur Pushpak Vimaan ka koi astitv nahi hai, jhooti kahani hai," as per Dubey.

The BJP MP went on to claim that the Dravida Munetra Kazhagham (DMK) MPs asserted that they are Dravids while the BJP MPs are Aryans and that the BJP government is superstitious in its decision to halt the Setu Samudram Project. The BJP MP also slammed DMK leaders for making disparaging remarks against Hindu Dharma. "We are Dravids and you are Aryans. You are spreading superstition by stopping the 'Setu Samudram Project. There is no God, Hindu is not a religion," the DMK MPs allegedly said, according to Nishikant Dubey.

MP Nishikant Dubey requested Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla to constitute an Inquiry Committee to investigate the disparaging remarks made by the BSP, TMC, and DMK MPs during Ramesh Bidhuri's speech in the Lok Sabha.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that a political opponent of Prime Minister Modi has used the "neech" (lowly) casteist barb. Back in December 2017, Congress leader Manishankar Aiyar, notorious for his controversial remarks, had called PM Modi a "neech kisam ka aadmi" ahead of the Gujarat state assembly elections.


While the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tried to distance himself from Aiyar's casteist remark against PM Modi and "expected" an apology from him, Aiyar never apologized. Ironically, while the Congress leader claims to spread Mohabbat and work to eradicate "nafrat," he has failed to take action against Mani Shankar Aiyar, who even after making casteist comments about India's democratically elected leader, remains a member of the Congress party.

Interestingly, Rahul Gandhi, who claims to be running "nafrat ke bazaar mein mohabbat ki dukaan," met BSP MP Danish Ali, who had strongly objected to the raising of Bharat Mata Ki Jai slogans in August this year. Danish Ali reportedly got infuriated hearing Bharat Mata Ki Jai slogans and caused a ruckus at an event. The BSP MP who allegedly passed casteist slurs against PM Modi is also a "proud follower" of Islamist tyrant Tipu Sultan.

On September 23rd, Haryana Congress President Udai Bhan made offensive remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, using derogatory language and implying that the Prime Minister was responsible for his wife's death. Bhan referred to the Prime Minister in derogatory terms and insinuated that he had harmed his wife, even though she is alive. These remarks highlight the need for internal dialogue within the Congress party to address issues related to derogatory comments directed at political opponents, especially in light of Rahul Gandhi's self-proclaimed role as an advocate of "Mohabbat" (love). Party leaders have frequently used derogatory language, such as "neech," "Asur," "Hitler," and "Kutte ki maut marega," to describe Prime Minister Modi.

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