From 'Son of Bihar' to 'Hindustani', these Bhojpuri films are releasing this Holi
From 'Son of Bihar' to 'Hindustani', these Bhojpuri films are releasing this Holi

This Holi, on March 25, the festival of colors will paint the country with joyous celebrations. To enhance the vibrancy of this occasion, people are adding numerous songs to their playlists, amplifying the festive spirit. Whether it's Bollywood tunes or regional Bhojpuri beats, music plays a pivotal role in elevating the mood of the festivities.

Adding to the excitement of this Holi, several Bhojpuri films are set to release, promising entertainment and making the festival even more colorful.

Son of Bihar: Khesari Lal Yadav's Action-packed Treat

Khesari Lal Yadav, renowned as the hit machine of Bhojpuri cinema, is set to release a film titled 'Son of Bihar' on January 25. Known for his strong fan following, Khesari is a prominent actor in Bhojpuri cinema, and his films are eagerly awaited by audiences. 'Son of Bihar' promises to showcase Khesari's formidable action style, adding to the festival's fervor.

Fasal: Nirahua and Aamrapali's Cinematic Venture

In the lineup is 'Fasal', featuring Dinesh Lal Yadav, popularly known as Nirahua, and Bhojpuri cinema's beloved actress Aamrapali Dubey. Scheduled for release on March 25, this film focuses on the lives of farmers, offering a mix of drama and entertainment for Holi audiences.

Hindustani: Patriotic Spirit in Bhojpuri Cinema

This Holi, a patriotic film titled 'Hindustani' is set to hit cinemas in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Gujarat. Starring Bhojpuri actor Pradeep Pandey, aka Chintu, in the lead role, the film aims to resonate with themes of patriotism, following his previous successes in films like 'Vivah', 'Rangila', and 'Mohabbat'. As the festival of Holi approaches, these Bhojpuri films promise to add a new dimension of entertainment and cultural richness, catering to diverse audiences across different regions.

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