From the sports world to the field of politics, everyone greeted Mother's day in a unique way

Mother is called by many names, such as Mummy, Mom, Mamma, Mata Ammi, and Maate; But every mother has the same role in our lives. She is the ego of every family. She is a caretaker and shares love to everyone unconditionally. The definition of a mother may be somewhat different for every person, for someone she is a caregiver, for someone she is also called the best friend and for someone she can be the best cook. We celebrate Mother's Day to give gratitude and appreciation to every mother in this world. A mother is such a huge inspiration to all of us that it is not enough in just one day to appreciate the efforts of a mother.

But today on this Mother's Day, there is no one who does not want to do anything special for their mother, not only that, on Maternity Day, everyone from the sports world to the political and Bollywood world is doing something special for their mother. Yes, through its perfectly read indigenous app, many veterans have made Mother's Day even more special. 




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