Air travel will be unique in future
Air travel will be unique in future

Once you start the air journey after the Corona crisis is over, you can see many changes from air fares to cabin layouts. This can take you into a new era of air travel like short route, pre-flight health check up. According to Bloomberg, when the world's airlines are confident of their operations and waiting to recover from this crisis, their intention and need behind it is to work again with major changes.

For your information, let us tell you that according to Volodymyr Bilotach, lecturer of Air-Transport Management at Singapore Institute of Technology, some premium cabins of aircraft can be upgraded. As a result, the difference between high class and economy seats will be revealed clearly. According to Billotach, airlines can charge different fees for baggage check-in, legroom and food depending on the fare of passengers. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), even before the spread of the virus, airlines were earning only $ 3 per person, but in Europe and America, this figure was $ 5 and 17 respectively.

According to the IATA survey on this matter, currently 40 percent passengers will wait for about six months for the plane journey even after the corona crisis is over. Easyjet airline company is planning to keep the middle seat vacant for people traveling at a low price. So that the passengers can be assured of safety. At the same time, Korean Air Lines has provided masks, gloves, goggles and protective gowns to its cabin crew.

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