Future in a dry spell?

Every passing year, the number and duration of droughts increase, with an estimate of 55 million people affected by it globally, every year. 

Droughts are expected to affect more than three-quarters of the world’s population by 2050, according to the UN. It not only can have a serious impact on health, agriculture, economies, energy, and the environment, but also threatens people’s livelihoods, increases the risk of disease and death, and fuels mass migration.

According to data collated by Anadolu Agency from scientific findings and publications by international agencies, drought is on the rise around the world as a result of global warming and dwindling water resources. Hence, droughts are one of the main reasons for declining grain production and consequent financial losses.

Drought-prone areas in India have increased by 57% since 1997. Every year, 50 million Indians are threatened by drought.  It has reduced the gross domestic product in India by 2% to 5%. 

Climate change is the biggest cause of drought, related to which WMO Secretary-General Prof. Petteri Taalas said that "The number of weather, climate, and water extremes are increasing and will become more frequent and severe in many parts of the world as a result of climate change,".

 Droughts are among the greatest threats to sustainable development worldwide, with no country being immune to it. Additionally, one in four children by 2040 are expected to live in a drought-prone region, according to UNICEF.

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