Due to this, Ganesh Chaturthi is invoked by slogans of 'Ganpati Bappa Morya'!

Sep 02 2019 12:40 PM
Due to this, Ganesh Chaturthi is invoked by slogans of  'Ganpati Bappa Morya'!

Today is the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. In such a situation, preparations and celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi have started all over the country today. At the same time, before the worship of Ganesha, devotees install the idol of Lord Ganesha in the house and during this time, the devotees shout 'Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangal Murti Morya' with great enthusiasm.

Now all of you must also be giving this cheer, but do you know how the beginning of 'Ganapati Bappa Morya' came in...? If not, then let us tell you about it. Yes, there is a story behind this that we are going to tell you.

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Story - There was a saint named Morya Gosavi, a great devotee of Lord Ganesha, in the village of Chinchwad adjacent to Pune city. People of the area knew that Morya Gosavi Ji had immense devotion towards Lord Ganesha. Once Morya Gosavi was paraphrased by him and Lord Ganesha was pleased with his devotion.

On asking what the wishes of the devotee should be fulfilled, Sadhu Morya Gosavi said to Lord Ganesha, 'I am your true devotee, I do not want wealth, wealth and comfort. Just as long as this work is done, my name remains attached to you. This is my wish. God gave the boon to fulfill the wish of Morya Gosavi. Since then, wherever Lord Ganesha is worshiped, devotees shout 'Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangal Murti Morya' with great fervor. It is said that this story of Saint Morya Gosavi dates back to the 14th century.

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Sant Morya Gosavi has a tomb in Chinchwad village. People believe that if someone has become the biggest devotee of Ganapati, then he is only sadhu Morya Gosavi. That is, the name of Sadhu Morya Gosavi has been associated with Lord Ganesha since time immemorial. Palkhi journey from Sadhu Morya Gosavi temple of Chinchwad to Morgaon has been going on for more than 500 years. In fact, this journey was started by the great sadhu Morya Gosavi of Chinchwad area in 1489 and his descendants continue this tradition even today.

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At the same time, the journey from Chinchwad to Morgaon near Pune is about 90 kilometers, in which the palanquin reaches the village with devotees after three days of walking. It is said that the palanquin journey is sent from Chinchwad to Morya Gosavi temple twice a year.

This means that for the first time in the month of January, the palanquin passing through Chinchwad passed through Saswad, Jejuri, Morgaon Theur and finally Siddhatek (religious place). It is said that the whole journey is about 140 kilometers and it is taken out in the month of Bhadrapada before Ganeshji sits for the second time. At the same time, this palanquin journey is called "Mangalmurti's Morgaon Yatra".

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