Ganesh Ji Bhakti Quotes

1- Wishing that Lord Ganesha…

fills your home with…

Prosperity & fortune…


2- May Lord Ganesha bless you and

your family with peace and happiness!


3- I know that Ganesha is happy with me…

For he has made my life so rich

with a friend like you.


4- Smiling is a sign of good mood;

Laughing is a sign of good company;

Praying is a sign of good faith;

And having you as my friend is a sign of Ganesha’s Blessings!


5- May Lord Ganesha bring you lots of good luck and prosperity!


6- May the Lord vigna vighna vinayaka remove all obstacles and shower you with bounties Jai Shri Siddhi Vinayaka

7- One of the other names Ganesha is known as is Vinayak, meaning master of oneself. This signifies independence in thought and action. Take ownership and responsibility for your actions and their outcome.


8- If you take home a stone and worship it in full faith, over a course of time you are bound to see the image of Ganesh.


9- I surrender to you, Lord Ganesha. You are the speaker, You are the listener, You are the giver. I am your disciple. Protect me from the front and back. 


10- In heaven Lord Ganesh will establish the predominance of gods, on earth that of people, in the nether world that of serpents and anti-gods.

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