Gang Arrested for Robbing E-Rickshaw Drivers in Banda, UP
Gang Arrested for Robbing E-Rickshaw Drivers in Banda, UP

Lucknow: Police in Banda, Uttar Pradesh, have apprehended a gang involved in robbing e-rickshaw drivers. The modus operandi of the captured robbers involved luring e-rickshaw drivers, taking them to rural areas under the pretext of a ride, and then robbing them along with their vehicles. The police have arrested all five members of this gang and remanded them to judicial custody.

During the arrest, the police recovered three e-rickshaws, two batteries, and other stolen items from the possession of the accused. The Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) for the City stated that a case has been registered against them, and legal proceedings are underway. The series of robberies involving e-rickshaw drivers had been a cause for concern in the city police station area, prompting immediate action.

Following orders from Superintendent of Police Ankur Aggarwal, the Kotwali police swiftly apprehended the suspects through surveillance. The investigation revealed that the accused had been targeting e-rickshaw drivers, orchestrating their robberies in rural areas during the night. The arrested individuals, all residents of Banda, confessed to their involvement in the crimes during police interrogation.

DSP City Gavendra Pal Gautam highlighted that incidents of e-rickshaw theft had been on the rise in the Kotwali Nagar area. The arrested gang members would pose as passengers, tricking drivers into taking them to secluded locations where they would carry out their robberies. A dedicated police team successfully recovered the stolen vehicles and batteries from the suspects' possession in the forests.

All the arrested individuals are residents of Banda and have confessed to their involvement in multiple robbery incidents. Legal proceedings against them are underway as further investigations continue.

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