Rajasthan government struggling with debt burden
Rajasthan government struggling with debt burden

The Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan, which is struggling with a debt burden of nearly three and a half lakh crore rupees between lockdown and corona transition, is now preparing to cut the budget provisions. The government's economic situation deteriorated further due to the Corona crisis. Due to the lockdown, there has been a decrease of Rs 10 thousand crore in the revenue received by the state government in two months. Looking at the possibility of this decrease going forward, the Gehlot government has started exercising to increase income along with cutting budget announcements.

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On the instructions of the Chief Minister, the officials of the Finance Department are busy in the exercise of revenue increase. Instructions have been given to the heads of the Excise, Stamp and Registration and Transport Department for revenue-raising for the government, and the responsibility of the officers should be fixed to recover the submerged amount and to earn more revenue. Along with this, the Chief Minister has asked the Chief Secretary DB Gupta to get in touch with the Central Government for taking part amount in various items including GST from the Center. Gupta has asked that he should keep in touch with the cabinet secretary and finance secretary and try to get more and more money.

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Chief Minister has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi and demanded a relief package. Gehlot says that if the relief package is not received, the state government will find it difficult to serve. Gehlot says that the Center has not yet given a share of 4 thousand crores of GST and 4478 crores of CST.

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