Home remedies to cure chicken pox
Home remedies to cure chicken pox

Chickenpox is a disease that spreads from touching. When chickenpox occurs, small grains start appearing in the body. Which has a very high itching, chickenpox also causes fever. The grains in chickenpox will be fine, but their stains still remain on our bodies. Many people who look very bad use many methods to get rid of these stains, but they still don't get stained. But today we're going to tell you some ways you can get rid of chickenpox stains.

1- Honey is very beneficial for our health. Honey has a lot of medicinal properties that provide nourishment and moisture to our bodies. Honey also has a lot of bleaching properties that work to lighten any scar from the skin. If you apply honey to your stake every day, it will gradually reduce your stake.

2- Lemon is rich in citric acid and vitamin C. It has stain removal properties. If you want to remove chickenpox stains, apply lemon juice to your body daily.

3- Coconut oil is present in every household. It is very beneficial for the skin. It contains a lot of antibacterial and antivirus properties. Applying it to the body gradually reduces the stains of chickenpox.

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