follow these tips to remove white spots from the skin

Aug 11 2019 03:36 PM
follow these tips to remove white spots from the skin

The problem of white spots can be seen in many people. These problems sometimes occur from childhood and continue to grow with age. In this problem, the person's hands, feet, mouth, etc. are hit by round or flat-shaped white marks that appear to be extremely unsightly. It can also be a disease that you can cure in domestic ways. So let's tell you about these methods.

* Using Ginger
Ginger is beneficial in correcting this problem. It cures blood circulation. Add fresh mint leaves to ginger and take its juice. This will correct the problem of white stains.

* Using mule seeds
To remove the white stain, grind the mule seeds and add 2 teaspoons of vinegar to the mixture where the stain is used to remove stains.

* Use of turmeric
Turmeric is also helpful in removing white stains. It is beneficial to apply turmeric and mustard oil. Add mustard oil to turmeric and apply it on white. In a few days, the white stain will be removed.

* Use of Neem
Neem is a better treatment for all problems that purify the blood and increase disease resistance. This will solve the problem by adding curds to the ground neem leaves and applying it on a white stain.

* Use of coconut oil
Coconut oil is also very beneficial oil which is helpful in eliminating many many problems. For this, coconut oil will be installed at the white spot every morning and it will soon benefit.

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