Ghost slept near the child at night, mother surprised to see and then .....

Today we are going to share with you a very strange news, seeing that the child's mother got scared herself, yes a picture went viral in Illinois, America, people were surprised to see it. The mother got scared when she saw a 'ghost child' sleeping near the child in bed at night. According to sources, Martija Sibulls was going to sleep when she checked her child's bedroom through CCTV. They saw that another child is sleeping near the 18-month-old. She was scared to see the picture and she was able to sleep very hard at night. Martija shared the picture and wrote on Facebook, "Last night I was convinced that a ghost child was sleeping with my son on the bed. I was so scared that I could sleep very hard at night. I also reached the child's room with a flashlight. ''

Mother says that my eyes are playing tricks on me. I tried to ignore it, but it really started bothering me. I believe in ghosts to some extent. But I tried to convince myself that this could not happen. Huh. The next day when Martija reached the child's room, this mystery became solvent. There was no such thing as a ghost child, a sticker was affixed to the bed, in which the picture of the child was made. Martija told that her husband changed the mattress, but he forgot to remove the sticker in the mattress. He posted another picture and told the truth to everyone.

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