Young woman climbed tree looking at vaccinators, video viral

The vaccination campaign is progressing at a rapid pace around the world. There are many places where people are seen making different excuses to avoid vaccination. Now amidst all this, a video of a young woman from Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh is going viral on social media which you can see. In fact, the young woman climbs a tree to avoid vaccination, and the vaccine team persuades her to get it down.


She was vaccinated after a lot of persuasion in the end. The case is said to be from Mankari, a small village in Badamalhara tehsil of Chhatarpur district. In fact, a campaign is being launched here these days to get the covid vaccine. In such a situation, vaccination teams are going from village to village and explaining the vaccine to the people. Recently, the health department team reached Mankari village in Badamalhara and the vaccination team went to everyone's house and administered the vaccine.

On the other hand, when the vaccination team moved towards a house, the 18-year-old climbed the tree when she saw the team. The girl was reportedly very scared about getting the vaccine. Because of this, she was refusing to get the vaccine done. However, seeing them climb the tree, the people around her and the members of the vaccination team explained a lot, and after much persuasion, the young woman finally got down and got the vaccine done.

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