GF was walking around with another guy, suddenly BF noticed and then...
GF was walking around with another guy, suddenly BF noticed and then...

Chhatarpur: The high voltage drama of two lovebirds in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh has been the talk of the town. Two youths from UP had come to Chhatarpur to celebrate their birthdays with their girlfriends, but it was difficult for them to hang out with the girls, when the girl's other boyfriend saw his girlfriend with another youth, he brutally thrashed the man.

In fact, this incident is of a love triangle. Vaibhav Singh, a resident of Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, had reached Chhatarpur with his two female friends from Mahoba on the pretext of celebrating the birthday of his friend Sachin, a resident of Lucknow. The girls with whom the youths had reached Chhatarpur had an affair with other youths in Mahoba as well. A man from Mahoba followed the girl to Chhatarpur and caught his girlfriend in the car along with other youths. The man stopped the car in the middle of the road and started beating the other person Vaibhav Singh with stones. In this case, Vaibhav Singh suffered serious injuries in the nose and head, after which he was admitted to the hospital, but the man who came from Mahoba while chasing the young woman did not calm down and he went to the district hospital to kill the youth. The high voltage drama continued for several hours at the police post, after which the police took the boys to Kotwali and interrogated them.

The boys who came to meet the same girls had booked a room for 2 hours for Rs 1500 without any documents to stay at the hotel Park Plaza. Due to this, Sachin Tiwari was in the room with his girlfriend, while Vaibhav sat in the car with his female friend. At the same time, when the police asked the hotel manager for details, he refused to give room to the boy and the girl, while the boy said that he had booked a room in the hotel for two hours. After this incident, it has become clear that the rooms are easily given to the customers in the hotel without any verification.

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