Good News for those planning to buy Gold, know latest prices

New Delhi: If you are planning to buy gold or gold jewellery, this is essential news for you. Gold, as well as silver, rose on Wednesday (29 September), the third day of the trading week. Gold opened at a gain of Rs 132 per ten grams today, according to a website by the Indian Bullion Jewellers Association (IBJA). Gold opened at Rs 46,089 per ten grams today.

Earlier on Tuesday, gold had closed at Rs 45,957 per ten grams. Silver gained 368 rupees per kilo. Silver opened at Rs 59,996 per kg today. Earlier on Tuesday, silver had remained at 59,628 per kg. Gold is trading higher on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). Gold was trading 17 rupees higher at Rs 45,870 on MCX. Silver fell 164 rupees, to 60,300 rupees through the month.

Thus, gold is still selling cheaper by about Rs.10,111 per 10 grams from its all-time high. Gold touched its all-time high in August 2020. At that time, gold had touched rs.56,200 per ten grams. Gold had fallen to below 45,000 rupees per 10 grams in the domestic market in the past. Gold was at Rs 50,300 on January 1 this year. Silver is also selling cheaper at around Rs 19,984 per kg from its all-time high. Silver's all-time high so far is Rs 79,980 per kg.

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