Google's surgical strike! 10 Indian apps removed from Play Store
Google's surgical strike! 10 Indian apps removed from Play Store

March 2, 2024 - Google has taken a big decision today and announced the removal of 10 Indian apps from the Play Store. Google says that these apps were violating the privacy of users and were involved in data theft.

Some of the popular apps that were removed are:

  • TrueCaller
  • ShareIt
  • UC Browser
  • CamScanner
  • MX Player
  • Xender
  • ES File Explorer
  • Clean Master
  • DU Battery Saver
  • FlashShare

Google has said that these apps collected data without users' consent and shared it with third parties. Google has also warned the developers of these apps that if they do not take steps to stop data theft, more strict action can be taken against them.

This decision is also a big victory for the Indian government. The government had been pressurizing Google for a long time to remove data stealing apps from the Play Store.

What do the developers of the removed apps have to say?

The developers of the removed apps have reacted strongly to Google's decision. He says that Google did not give him any chance to present his side and has removed his apps without any evidence.

What will be the impact of this decision on users?

This decision will have a big impact on users. The removed apps were very popular in India and were used by millions of people. With the removal of these apps, users will have to look for alternatives.

How effective will this decision be in preventing data theft?

It is too early to say how effective this decision will be in preventing data theft. Google will also have to find and take action against other apps that steal data.

How will this decision impact the Digital India initiative in India?

This decision may affect the Digital India initiative in India. The Digital India initiative aims to empower India digitally. This decision may reduce users' trust in digital platforms. This decision of Google is an important step towards preventing data theft. This decision will also make users aware of the dangers of data theft.

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