A big issue related to Google search surfaced, emptied bank account

Sep 13 2019 02:13 PM
A big issue related to Google search surfaced, emptied bank account

Cases of forgery caused by the Internet are heard every day. In this era of technology, today there is more than one way for hackers to steal the data of users as well as their money. Google search has become the most preferred weapon of frauds for committing similar frauds. 

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According to media reports, recently a woman found it expensive to find the customer care number of Swiggy Go on Google search. Swiggy Go's number given on Google search was fake and the woman's call went to the hackers. These hackers cleverly trapped the woman in her words and blew 95 thousand rupees from her account. It is very important to understand the game of this 'Google scam' being done by hackers for any such incident with you. On Google search, these hackers post fake numbers of customer care for any company. For this, these frauds also use fake websites of the company. This can be called a fake business listing in Google's language. Bhole Bhale users are not able to identify them correctly and call the fake customer care number after getting it right. The surprising thing is that fake numbers of Zomato, Swiggy, Paytm as well as some government departments are also present in it.

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Google allows users to edit contact details of shops/banks in Google Maps and Google Search. With this, Google tries to give accurate details to the users. However, fraudsters take advantage of this to change the contact number and address to cheat people. Along with entering wrong contact details in Google search, these thugs also become fake customer care executives. For this, the fraudsters talk to the users exactly like the professionals and do not ask the users for banking and personal details to verify the call.

Frauds ask the users to download the app. These apps can also be remote desktop apps AnyDesk or TeamViewer. With the help of these apps, these hackers get complete access to the users' devices. Not only this, through these apps, these hackers also record every activity done by the user. Along with this, these fraudsters are also adopting UPI scam. You can also try to cheat by sending 'money request' to the users through the UPI application. The only way to avoid hacking by Google search is to not trust the customer care numbers and addresses on Google with eyes closed. It is better that you do your banking or any other online work from the company's official website.

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