Google took these steps because Amazon is not selling Google's products
Google took these steps because Amazon is not selling Google's products

According to a report, Youtube spokeswoman said that we are trying to negotiate with Amazon so that customers can provide products and services to each other's companies. But Amazon does not accept Google's products like Chromecast and Google Home. He does not provide the prime video to Google Cast users, and last month he also stopped selling Nest's latest products. 

The spokesman said, "Due to lack of reciprocity, we will not make YouTube available on Echo Show and Fire TV. We hope that we will be able to reach an agreement to resolve this issue soon. "  While the commercial rivalry between two technology giants like Google and Amazon is increasing, Google has already blocked YouTube as early as expected on Amazon's Fire TV. According to a report, it has been said that Google raised this step after Amazon refused to sell some of Google's products.

 After blocking YouTube, Amazon Fire TV device is now encouraging people to use YouTube through the gadget's web browser. Amazon said, "YouTube and millions of other websites can be viewed with the help of a web browser like Firefox or Silk or Fire TV." 

Earlier this month, Google warned Amazon that it will remove YouTube from Fire TV devices from January 1, if there is no agreement between the two companies regarding keeping Google's app on fire TV.


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