Google Trips - a new application for travelers

Apr 25 2019 05:24 PM
Google Trips - a new application for travelers

Google Trips is a special application for travelers, which is designed to provide a full amount of information about interesting places, attractions, transport, hotels, restaurants and everything else you might need on the road.

Immediately after launch, you will be asked to choose one of the popular tourist destinations, however you can enter any city you need in the search bar. Then Google Trips will load all available information about the selected place and distribute it into sections: "Sights", "Guides", "Food", "Interesting information" and so on.

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I especially liked the new application guides, which allow you to choose a suitable route for yourself and follow it completely independently. Thanks to the integration of the program with Google Maps you will never get lost in an unfamiliar city, and comprehensive information about each attraction eliminates the need to use the services of local guides.

Interestingly, the routes offered in the program are not static. You can at any time change the number and composition of objects, reduce or increase the duration of the excursion, add your notes and save the resulting travel plan for future use.

In general, Google Trips is a very useful application for all travelers. In one convenient shell concentrated almost all the information that you may need during trips. Now the program works only in English, but I think that for people who have gathered abroad, this will not be a big hindrance.

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