Government bans Saridon and other 327 combination drugs

Sep 13 2018 10:26 AM
Government bans Saridon and other 327 combination drugs

The health ministry has banned the manufacturing, selling and distributions of the 328 varities of FDC drugs as there is no therapeutic justification for the ingredients contained in FDC drugs and that these may have adverse effects on human health. This ban will be affect nearly 6,000 brands including popular Saridon,Taxim AZ, Panderm (skin cream) and Gluconorm PG.

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What is FDC drugs ?

Combination products, also known as fixed-dose combinations (FDCs) drug, are combinations of two or more active drugs in a single dosage form. The decision has been made to ban 328 FDC as the unnecessary use of combination drugs makes the human body resistant to treatment

The brand which escaped the ban

Phensedyl cough Linctus, D-cold Total and Corex ( cough syrup) escaped the ban.

Ban in these countries

FDC is already banned in the countries like America, France, Japan, Germany and Britain.

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Affect of ban on the business

This ban will have great affect on the companies as the business of the FDC banned by government is nearly 3800 Crores and its contributes 3% to the phrama sector of India. The major companies which will affected by this ban are Pfizer, Abbott, McLoads, Pandem,Sumo and Jirodol.

Earlier in 2010, the government had brought the notification to restrict about 344 categories of FDCs and later added five more FDC to this list. However, it was challenged by various manufacturers in the court.


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