'Government deposited lakhs of rupees in your account...', if you have also received such a message then be careful, because...
'Government deposited lakhs of rupees in your account...', if you have also received such a message then be careful, because..."

New Delhi: While social media is considered the fastest way to make users aware of many facts and information, some news circulates on these platforms, whose veracity is almost impossible to predict. Is. There is a saying that iron cuts iron. Proving this precedent to be true, PIB Fact Check has been doing the work of uncovering the facts in a very decent manner. In this way PIB Fact Check, which is doing a great job of presenting the truth in front of the public by exposing the wrong information on government policies/schemes, has now become one of the most successful examples of fact checking. The platform has busted several fraudulent government schemes running on social media through the country's own microblogging platform, Koo.

For a long time, there is talk on social media that the Modi government has started the Falani scheme, in which all the facilities will be provided to the common people, most of these frauds are being seen on YouTube. Many YouTube channels share content related to various government schemes. Many of these channels are also seen mentioning these schemes through video content, which in reality do not exist and whose veracity is very difficult to guess. Everyone needs to be alert from such fraudulent government schemes appearing on YouTube.

Giving this information on the Koo app, PIB Fact Check has said that, some YouTube channels provide details related to various government schemes, which are not actually present. Be alert! Do not fall prey to content created by fraudsters with malicious intent.


At the same time, cautioning the users with another fake message, PIB Fact Check has said that, a #Fake message circulated on social media claims that you have ???????????????? to stop the wastage of food in functions. "You can call. The PIB has stated in factcheck that

-1098 is a Childline emergency phone service that provides help to children in distress

It does not distribute food to the needy


In the name of some other such fake schemes, the public is also being tricked:-

Pradhan Mantri Kanya Samman Yojana:- Under this scheme,  the Central Government is giving an amount of Rs.2500 to all the daughters directly into the bank account.

2- Women's Self-Employment Scheme:- The Central Government is giving a cash amount of Rs.100000 to the account of all women under this scheme.

3- PM Nari Shakti Yojana 2021: - SBI is giving a loan of 25 lakh to all women without guarantee, without loan and without security.

2.67 lakh has also been sent to your account by the government: - A message is going viral from the last few days, where it is being claimed that the government has put Rs 2.67 lakh in your bank account. At the end of this mages you are asked to click on a link. If you have received a similar message, be careful. It's just a forgery, and nothing else.


5- In this government scheme, you are getting Rs.30 lakh on depositing Rs.10,100:- The government is giving you Rs.30 lakh for depositing just Rs.10,100. The government has also issued a letter for this. In fact, a letter circulating with the Government of India and the Ashoka Pillar claims that Rs 30 lakh has been transferred to your account. This news is completely wrong.

The government will waive interest on Kisan Credit Cards:-  This news is also absolutely false, in which it is being claimed that the government is giving interest loans to farmers through kisan credit cards without interest. But it's important that you be alert. The PIB is conveying the correct information about this to the general public. By wrapping up the gullible public in the trap of such fraudulent schemes, these cyber criminals grab important information and misuse it. Once the information of the bank account etc. is found, these criminals use it incorrectly and make the whole money disappear, and we are left sitting on our hands. So beware of fraudsters, beware of it.

You can also know that.

If you get such a message, you can get it checked through PIB. For that, you have to go to the Along with this, you can also send information to whatsApp number 918799711259 or email:

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