Government to send fake pesticide makers and sellers to jail, will introduce pesticide management bill

Feb 13 2020 04:00 PM
Government to send fake pesticide makers and sellers to jail, will introduce pesticide management bill

While giving relief to the farmers suffering from the use of fake pesticides, the Central Government has decided to introduce a new bill on pesticide management. Apart from this, sale and production of fake or poor quality pesticides may be illegal. Those doing the same will now face a jail term of up to five years and a fine of up to a maximum of fifty lakhs. In this case, this bill will be introduced in the session starting from March 2 of Parliament.

Giving information about the cabinet meeting held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said that keeping the interests of farmers in mind, the government had earlier brought a bill on the management of pesticides in Parliament, which is Could not pass due to reasons. Subsequently, he was referred to the Parliamentary Committees. In such a situation, considering the suggestions of the Parliamentary Committees, the government has now decided to introduce a new bill for the management of pesticides. At the same time, the government does not have any strict law regarding the management of pesticides. There is also a law of 1968, so companies that make fake pesticides easily escape from it.

Apart from this, Javadekar said that if the use of pesticides causes damage to crops under the new bill, then its compensation can also be recovered from the pesticide companies. Companies will be charged an amount under which a fund can be created. The farmers can be given money from this fund only when such cases come up. In this new bill, a standard can also be set for advertisements about pesticides, so that farmers are not confused. The government believes that with the effect of this bill, the use of organic pesticides will be promoted.

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