"Accessing the Indian economy to five trillion dollars is not an easy task"- PM Modi

Feb 13 2020 03:44 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that it took 70 years for India to become a three trillion dollar economy and wonder why no one asked the question why it took so long. Apart from this, the Prime Minister said this in a program organized by a TV channel on Wednesday. The same Prime Minister raised questions about silence on the sluggish economic pace of the country in the last 70 years. Apart from this, the PM said that he has now set a target, then questions are being asked to him.

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The PM said that his government is working hard to achieve this goal. The same PM said that it is better to choose a difficult target and work on it. With this, the Prime Minister said, 'It is not an easy task to bring the Indian economy to five trillion dollars, but it can be found.' He said, 'Today the Indian economy is about three trillion dollars. Have you ever heard in the country that the goal of a three trillion dollar economy was set? 

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PM Modi further said in the program, "At first no one asked why it took so long and no one answered. ' Now we have set a goal. Apart from this, we are facing all the questions and are making every effort to achieve this goal. Also, India will not waste time now. It will move forward with confidence. That same central budget will help achieve the target of a five trillion dollar economy. The PM said that the government was working hard for a five trillion dollar economy."

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