Government to keep eye on all your phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter

May 30 2021 10:42 AM
Government to keep eye on all your phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter

The debate on the new rules of the India Government on social media companies is on the rise. Meanwhile, under the guise of these rules, a number of claims are being made. In the same vein, this time through WHATSAPP, it has been claimed that the government is monitoring people's social media and phone calls due to the new communication rule.

How much truth is there in this claim that the poll of which has been opened by the PIB. PIB Factcheck took to Twitter with a picture of such messages saying, "In a viral message, it has claimed that social media and phone calls are now to be monitored by the India government under the 'New CommunicationS Rules'. This claim is absolutely fake. No such rule has been implemented by the Government of India. Do not forward any such fake/vague information.”

Let us tell you that the post that went viral on WHATSAPP says that the Government of India is now going to record the calls of the people. Save every recording. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook will be monitored. The PIB's fact check said that the Government of India has not come up with any such communication rule so far. So don't get into the snare of such messages.

It may be recalled that earlier many such attempts have been made to tarnish the image of the India Government. Recently, a similar lie was spread on the prices of LPG cylinders that the India Government is going to consider changing the prices of LPG cylinders. But the fact was that this claim was completely wrong. The Government of India had not made any announcement regarding change in the prices of LPG cylinders.

Earlier, media reports have also reported that UPI transactions are expensive. It claimed that if payments were made from third party apps, there would be additional charges. However, the government has rejected the claim and refused to increase any UPI transactions. It was clarified from Factcheck that no such decision was going to be taken by the NPCI. But media reports were suggesting that transactions from third party apps would attract additional charges.


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