know interesting facts about The Great Wall of China
know interesting facts about The Great Wall of China

Everyone knows about China's wall. They also know that this is the biggest and longest wall with many unique accounts and some unknowing stories you may not have known about. Made of its vast and unique art, the wall is one of the abuzz in the country. There are many interesting facts about China's wall that make it even more special. So today we're going to give you some interesting facts about china's wall that are surprising.

- The width of the wall was kept so that 5 horsemen or 10 pedestrians could patrol side-by-side.

- This wall is called the Chinese people 'Wan Li Chang Chang' which means 'The Great Wall of China'.

- Even though this huge wall was built to prevent foreign invading, it was used for centuries for transportation, freight and long journeys.

- This wall could not always be safe and invincible. Many times the attackers conquered it and broke the wall. In 1211, Changz Khan broke the wall and came to China.

- This wall is approximately 6400 kilometers long. This wall is so large that it can be seen from space too. The picture above is taken from NASA's website. Some parts of the wall appear when viewed carefully.

- China's great wall is the world's largest wall made of stone and clay, built by various Chinese shasheps from the 5th century BC to the 16th century to protect them from northern invaders.

- Some parts of this wall are not interlinked. If all its parts are interlinked, the wall's lambi will reach 8848 km.

- An estimated 20 to 30 million people took their entire lives to build this wall.

- The height of China's great wall is not the same everywhere. Its highest height is 35 feet, while some are 8-9 feet taller than the place.

- Out of the workers who were engaged in the construction of this wall, those who were not doing hard labour were buried in this wall itself. This is why this wall is also known as the most lambasted cemetery in Dunia.

- You will be surprised to know that India also has a wall that directly hits the Chinese wall. Akbar had also tried to penetrate it but could not succeed. This wall was built for the Sursha of Kumbhalgarh Kilo in Rajasthan. Its construction started in 1443 and ended in 1458.

- The security wall of Kumbhalgarh Fort is 36 kms. Despite being 588 times smaller than the Chinese wall, it is the second-largest wall in the world.

- Only 5 horses on China's giant wall can walk side-by-side but 10 horses can walk side-by-side on the wall of Kumbhalgarh.

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