Bus-truck will run on Green Hydrogen

New Delhi: Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is planning to use green hydrogen to drive buses, trucks and cars in India. Gadkari said he is also planning to produce green hydrogen using sewage water and solid waste in cities. Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari claims that he is soon to run a green hydrogen car on Delhi roads. He may do so on 1st January. For this, he has purchased a car under the pilot project and has taken green hydrogen from an oil research centre in Faridabad. He said on Thursday that he will leave soon with a car so that he can tell people that this is possible.

Know what Gadkari's plan is?
"I am going to sign a file in the next two to three days asking carmakers to make 100 per cent bio-ethanol-powered engines," Gadkari said. The Minister further informed that the country currently imports petrol, diesel and petroleum products worth Rs 8 lakh crore every year. "If the country continues its consumption in the same way, its import bill will increase to Rs 25 lakh in the next 5 years. ”

Vehicles will run on green hydrogen:-
The Union Minister said that the government is planning to run green hydrogen-powered public transport. We want cars, buses, trucks to run on green hydrogen, he said. For this, dirty water falling into rivers and drains should be used to produce green hydrogen from them. Gadkari also said that the day is not far when vehicles will ply on green hydrogen.

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