Green smoothies: Spinach-Cardamom Smoothie benefits

Jun 26 2019 09:48 AM
Green smoothies: Spinach-Cardamom Smoothie benefits

Smoothies are very much preferred for better taste. Smudge smudges, which are combined with several nutrients at the same time, is also beneficial for health. That's how we're going to tell you how you can take care of your heart. On different days of the week, you can take a variety of smoothies for breakfast, which keeps your stomach full and the body healthy. Similarly, spinach-cardamom smoothing is very beneficial for heart health.  So let's know how you can make it at home.

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1. Ingredients required to make a spinach-cardamom smoothie-

1/2 cup chopped avocado
A sliced banana
One cup chopped spinach
One teaspoon cardamom powder
3-4 cardamom
One cup almond milk

2. Spinach-Cardamom Smoothie Recipe

* Mash chopped spinach, bananas, and avocado.
* Insert mash content and all other ingredients into a jar.
* Add a few ice cubes and blend in a mixer and refrigerate and serve.

3. Spinach-Cardamom Smoothie Nutrients-

Vitamin A in this smoothie
vitamin c
Vitamin E
Good Fats
Anti-Inflammatory Property
There are plenty and so it is beneficial for health.

4. Benefits of Spinach-Cardamom Smoothie 

* This smooth contains spinach, which is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, which helps to sharpen the eyesight.

* This smoothie contains milk that is rich in calcium and strengthens the bones.

* This smooth is rich in potassium and hence is beneficial for heart health.

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