GT vs RR, IPL 2022 Final: know who will get how much money?

The final of IPL 2022 is between Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals (GT vs RR). The match is between two teams that were also in the top two of the points table at the group stage. These are the two domineering teams of this season, between whom the final is scheduled to be played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad from 8 pm tonight. After the final match (IPL 2022 final) is over. The winning teams will be rewarded.

The same reward will be on not only the two finalists but also on the four teams that reached the playoffs, which means Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals will get the prize money (IPL 2022 Prize Money). In addition to these, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Lucknow Super Giants will also be entitled to it. The only difference will be that some will be rewarded more than others. In Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals whichever team loses the final, will lose the entire Rs 7 crore. This means that it is clear that the winning team will have 7 crore rupees more. But how much will that amount be?

The winning team of IPL 2022 will get the entire amount of Rs 20 crore. The runner-up team will receive Rs 7 crore less than that. That means you will get 13 crores. At the same time, the third-ranked team means That Royal Challengers Bangalore will get Rs 7 crore. While Lucknow Super Giants, which is ranked fourth, will get Rs 6.5 crore.

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