Gua Sha: a boon to your skin
Gua Sha: a boon to your skin

The traditional Chinese Medicine science believes in a tool called Gua Sha. It is a tool made of jade, bone or horn and is rubbed gently on the skin with an intention to enhance energy flow. The procedure leads to reduced inflammation, increases blood flow and also enhances the functioning of the lymphatic system and hence heals the body. This Gua Sha therapy has been used by the chinese to cure fever, muscle pain and tension, inflammation, chronic coughs, sinusitis and migraines.

Yang Sheng or nourishing life is the central dogma behind the Chinese way of therapy. Well, Ayurveda follows the same path. 

A lot of acupuncturists offer Gua Sha therapy to their patients, for rapid relief.

Well, if you are wondering, how does it enhance beauty. We would like to inform you that a lighter version of Gua Sha can prove really beneficial to your face.

Gua Sha when included in your skincare routine, can do wonders to the glow of your skin.

it enriches your skin with a new charm and also provides a new life to the dead layers of your skin.

Moreover, it reduces the patches and wrinkles on your face and makes you look much younger.

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