Gujarat's 'orphan' girl to grow up in the US, new parents found abroad
Gujarat's 'orphan' girl to grow up in the US, new parents found abroad

Ahmedabad: American couple Chase and Louise had long wanted to adopt a baby, who had also filled out forms for the same a year ago through the Indian website. Now that special day has come for the couple. They have reached Kutch in Gujarat to adopt the baby girl. The baby girl who is being adopted was actually found abandoned two years ago.

It is reported that the girl was found abandoned two years ago from a village in Anjar tehsil of Kutch. She was then admitted to GK General Hospital, where she was treated for some time and handed over to the Women's Welfare Centre when she recovered completely. He was taken care of there for a long time and all his needs were met. Now for two years, the girl is going to meet her foreign parents. She will now be known as the daughter baby girl of, Chase and Louise.

The American couple could not come to pick up the baby for a long time due to the corona epidemic, but as soon as the flights started operating and corona cases in India came down, the couple got a ticket to India without delay and are now ready to adopt their daughter.

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