Big revelation about a child found outside a Gaushala

Gandhinagar: A shocking revelation has been made about the child found outside Swami Narayan Gaushala in Pethapur, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The 10-month-old baby was left outside the gaushala gate by none other than his father. The earlier story of a 10-month-old baby is even more heart-rending.

At exactly 9.20 p.m. on the night of October 8, a man approached the gaushala gate with the child in his arms. It was nighttime, there was no one around. He quietly placed the child on the road inside the gaushala gate and fled. After a while, some of the gaushala employees heard a child crying. The employee came out and saw a child crying. He picked up the child and brought him to the gaushala. Then, searching nearby, he began to search that the child's parents might meet. But no one was found. Thereafter, the police were informed. The news also reached area councillor, Deepti Patel. The police asked Deepti Patel to handle the child for some time. The councillor took care of the child all night. By morning, the video and photo of the child had gone viral on social media in Gujarat. Seeing the child's face, everyone's heart wrenched. Hundreds of users came forward on social media and demanded the adoption of the child. Talking to social media, Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi reached out to him. By then the child was taken to the hospital for medical examination. Harsh Sanghvi rushed to the hospital to see the child. Then, he announced that the police would put all their might to find the child's parents.

On the orders of the same Home Minister, 14 separate teams of about 85 policemen of Gandhinagar police were formed. Police first scanned CCTV footage around gaushala. About 150 CCTV cameras were scanned in the operation and finally, the police got their first breakthrough. This success was achieved in the form of a Centro car. A camera shows a man walking with a child in a Centro car towards the same gaushala. CCTV photos revealed the number of the car. Police traced the owner of the car from its registration number as soon as the car number came to light. And then Sachin Dixit's name came up for the first time. The Centro car was registered in the name of 30-year-old Sachin Dixit and the address was Gandhinagar. The house was locked when a team of the same police reached Sachin Dixit's address in Gandhinagar. Sachin's phone number had also come to the police by now. When the number was put on surveillance, it was found that its location showing was Kota in Rajasthan. The police team called Sachin and told him about the child. Sachin pretended that he was his child.

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