Gujarat Set to Pioneer India's First Submarine Tourism Venture in Dwarka
Gujarat Set to Pioneer India's First Submarine Tourism Venture in Dwarka

Gujarat's state government is on the brink of unveiling an unprecedented submarine service tailored for tourists, offering them an immersive exploration of the underwater marvels surrounding Dwarka. This ancient city, steeped in history and mythology, is believed to have been submerged beneath the ocean.

In a significant move, the state government has inked a pivotal memorandum with Mazgaon Dock shipbuilders to spearhead this ambitious project within the city. Dwarka, revered as the 'city of the Hindu God Lord Krishna,' holds immense cultural significance, and the introduction of this groundbreaking venture aims to further enhance its allure.

This pioneering initiative marks the debut of underwater tourism in India, presenting an extraordinary opportunity for enthusiasts and adventurers alike. With an ambitious target, authorities are striving to kickstart operations before the festival of Diwali in October 2024.

Under the blueprint of this visionary project, tourists will embark on a mesmerizing journey, descending 100 meters below the sea's surface aboard specially designed submarines. Each submarine will accommodate up to 24 passengers, led by two adept pilots and a proficient crew. The vessels will boast meticulously crafted windows, ensuring every visitor captures a panoramic view of the aquatic world beneath.

Anticipating a surge in tourism, the government remains optimistic that this innovative submarine facility will substantially augment Dwarka's appeal. Renowned as one of the country's premier temple towns, Dwarka magnetizes a vast influx of pilgrims and tourists daily.

The imminent launch of this trailblazing submarine tourism initiative stands poised not only to captivate tourists but also to underscore Gujarat's pioneering role in fostering novel and immersive travel experiences within India.

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