Guru Poornima: Don't do these work in front of teacher even by mistake

Jul 04 2020 10:03 AM
Guru Poornima: Don't do these work in front of teacher even by mistake

Guru Purnima comes every year and this year it is on 5 July. In such a situation, if we obey the religious texts, according to them, on this day, the person who takes blessings of the Guru, his life becomes successful. Now today we are going to tell you what not to do in front of Guru.

1. Let us tell you that the disciple should never sit on the same posture as the Guru. At the same time, if the Guru is sitting on the ground, then the disciples can also sit on the ground, there is no problem.

2. Let us tell you that you should not sit in front of the Guru by sticking to the wall or any other support and with this you should not sit with your feet spread out.

3. Let us tell you that never use vulgar words in front of the Guru and obey everything from your Guru.

4. Let us also tell you that whenever you go to meet the Guru, you should not go empty handed but should take some gift.

5. Let us also tell you that it is right to go in front of the Guru wearing plain clothes and do not display money in front of the Guru by mistake.

6. It is said that if the Guru is telling someone about knowledge, then he should never listen with laziness.

7. It used to be said that while taking the name of the Guru, it is necessary to place the most venerable or revered in front of his name.

8. It is said that one should never do evil to the teacher and if someone is doing evil to the teacher, then one should not sit there.

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