Traders will be able to file GST Return through SMS

Jun 29 2020 05:05 PM
Traders will be able to file GST Return through SMS

The government collects GST from everyone but sometimes we are not able to process GST returns, now taxpayer traders in Goods and Services Tax (GST) can now file quarterly and monthly GSTR-1 returns through SMS too. For the convenience of traders, this new arrangement can start from July. Traders do not have to login their account on GST portal to file returns. The central government has made the process of filing monthly and quarterly returns easier for GST taxpayers.

Due to this, small traders of the state can also be able to fill returns. Taxpayers with less than five crore turnovers in GST have to file quarterly and taxpayer traders with more than five crore turnovers to file monthly GSTR-1 returns. Traders have to login on the GST portal to file zero returns. In which the details have to be recorded according to the supply of goods. Traders are facing difficulties due to the long time taken in this process.

Additional Commissioner of Central GST Amit Gupta said that the tax payers merchants whose returns of GSTR-1 are zero. They can file their returns through SMS. For this, you will have to send an SMS by writing GSTN number, return period on 14409 number. After this, the taxpayer merchant doing SMS can get a six digit code with validity up to 30 minutes. This allows them to fill their zero return details.

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