Big bug in Microsoft Teams, entire company's data may be stolen

Video conferencing has become increasingly popular in the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. Due to this, people have used video conferencing apps like Zoom app, from holding business meetings to taking online classes. But during this time, hackers have also targeted such mobile apps and hacked the data of users. Recently, questions were raised about the safety of the zoom app. Since then, big companies like Google had banned the use of this app.

At the same time, now another report has come out, which claims that a virus-gif has tried to steal the data of Microsoft team. Along with this, according to the report of CyberArk, CyberArk reported that the virus with this virus tried to hack the data of Microsoft team from February to the end of March. Also tried to leak many important information. However, Microsoft has completely removed this bug on its platform. Also, now the company's data is completely secure.

Hackers created Donald Duck's GIF
This virus-bearing GIF affected the Microsoft team's desktop and web browser. In addition, hackers tried to hack two Microsoft subdomains through this gif file, including and If the hackers had access to both these subdomains, then they could easily hack the entire data of the company by creating a token.

On the other hand, security experts have said that hackers had created Donald Duck's GIF to hack the data, forcing Microsoft employees to give up the Authenticate token and remove the security shield from the data. The CyberArk report stated that hackers had created a special kind of GIF using Microsoft's weakness, which affected a large number of Microsoft employees.

Microsoft secured data
On March 23, Microsoft removed this dangerous GIF from its platform. Also, the company had said that now our data is completely secure. Let us tell you that the information about this bug was given to the company by CyberArk. At the same time, cyber security company CyberArk said that we do not know how long this bug has been present on Microsoft's platform. But we are glad to know that Microsoft had removed this platform from its platform as soon as it came to know of this bug. Now the data of the company and their employees are completely safe.

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