Hanuman wrote the first Ramayana but he dumped it in ocean due to this reason

Lord Hanuman is also considered as Shivavatar or Rudravatar. He was blessed by all the gods and he was a great devotee, ambassadors, policymakers, scholars, defenders, speakers, singers, dancers, powerful and intelligent. Many of you may know that Hanuman also wrote a Ramayana but he threw it in sea. 

 Why Hanuman threw Hanumad Ramayana

 It is said that a Ramayana dedicated to Sri Rama was written by the devotee Hanuman himself, which is known as Hanumad Ramayana. It is said that it has the distinction of being the first Ramayana, but Hanuman himself threw that Ramayana into the sea.

In fact, according to the scriptures, the first Ramakatha was written by Hanumanji and he also wrote with his fingernails on a rock (rock). This Ramkatha was written even before Valmikiji's Ramayana, this incident is when Lord Shri Ram begins to rule in Ayodhya after conquering Ravana and Shri Hanumanji goes to the Himalayas. There, during his Shiva penance, he used to write the story of Ramayana on a rock daily with his nails. In this way, he composed Hanumad Ramayana, mentioning the glory of Lord Shri Ram. It is said that after some time, Maharishi Valmiki also wrote Valmiki Ramayana and after writing, he wished to dedicate it to Lord Shankar by showing it to him and he took his Ramayana to Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva and there he gave Hanumanji and by him Seen Hanuman Ramayana written.

Valmiki was disappointed after seeing Hanumad Ramayana. After seeing Valmikiji disappointed, Hanumanji asked him the reason for his disappointment, Maharishi said that he had written Ramayana after a lot of hard work, but seeing your Ramayana, it seems that now my Ramayana will be neglected, because what you have written before My Ramayana is nothing. At the same time, while addressing the concerns of Valmiki, Hanuman threw Mahabhat in the sea. Since then Hanumada Ramayana composed by Hanuman is not available.

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