Muharram 2019: Shia women break hand bangles as soon as Islamic New Year's moon is seen ..
Muharram 2019: Shia women break hand bangles as soon as Islamic New Year's moon is seen ..

The month of Muharram is considered very important for Muslims in the religion of Islam. This month has started. The Shia Muslim community, in particular, celebrates it as a month of sorrow. That is, these days they mourn. Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. This time, the month of Muharram has started on 1 September. After seeing the moon, the month of Muharram be starts

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According to the information, the whole month of Muharram is considered very special. But the 10th day of this month is the most important. This day is called Roz-e-Ashura. This time the Roz-e-Ashura is on 10 September. Both Shia and Sunni celebrate the month of Muharram. But the ways of celebrating it and its beliefs are quite different from each other. People of the Shia community fast from 1st to 9th day of Muharram. According to Shia, keeping fast or Roza on the 10th day of Muharram i.e. Roz-e-Ashura is forbidden. Many people consider this to be a festival of celebrations, but these 10 days are spent in mourning.

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People of the Sunni community fast on the 9th and 10th day of Muharram. However, keeping fast during this time is not a duty on Muslim people, but keep it on their belief. Apart from this, the period of Mazalis starts in the houses and Imambaras of all Shia Muslims as soon as the Muharram moon is seen. In the sorrow of Imam Hussain's martyrdom, Shia and Sunni Muslims in some areas mourn and take out a procession. As soon as the moon of Muharram is seen, people of all Shia communities drown in sorrow. Shia women and girls break the bangles of their hands as soon as the moon comes out. Not only this, but she also makes a distance from all the makeup things for the entire 2 months and 8 days.

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