Dharmendra fell in love with the actress even after two marriages

Today is the birthday of Dharmendra, popularly known as He-Man. Dharmendra is celebrating his 86th birthday today. Dharmendra is a superstar who has given many super hit films in his career and has millions of fans. Dharmendra had been in the news for his affair more than his films. It is said that despite being married, his heart fell on Hema Malini, the veteran and very beautiful actress of that time and he came very close to her. Because of this, both of them got married. However, after this, the trend did not stop and Dharmendra also fell in love with the popular 80s actress Anita Raj. Yes, very few people know this thing but it is true.

Dharmendra and Anita Raj's love is said to have not reached any conclusion, but there was a lot of talk about the two having an affair. Dharmendra and Anita Raj had worked together in several films and the closeness between the two increased during the shoot itself. Soon Dharmendra started recommending to the directors in his films to cast Anita Raj. Anita is 27 years younger than Dharmendra but it didn't matter to Dharmendra and the two started being seen together.

However, when Hema Malini came to know about this, she created a ruckus in the family. She himself gave clear instructions to Dharmendra to stay away from Anita Raj. Due to this Dharmendra made the distance from Anita. Also, there was a time when Dharmendra used to drink a lot, but at the behest of an actress, he gave up alcohol. Yes, that actress was none other than Asha Parekh, on whose behest Dharmendra gave up alcohol.

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