Rafael Nadal is a very shy since his childhood, know more about his life journey

Jun 03 2021 04:29 AM
Rafael Nadal is a very shy since his childhood, know more about his life journey

Today is the birthday of the king of red gravel, legendary tennis player Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal was born on June 3, 1986 in Spain. The French Open is underway today and its King Nadal made it to the men's singles quarterfinals of the French Open. Rafael Nadal is celebrating his 35th birthday today.  So let's know some special things about him on his birthday. 

World tennis player Rafael Nadal is said to be the king of clay courts. Perhaps you don't know that Rafael Nadal was the right hand first, but his coach told him to play with a lefthand and then he accepted the coach's advice and today Rafael is one of the world's greatest tennis players. Rafael Nadal has also played football before pursuing a career in tennis. Rafael Nadal has played football for Malorka and Real Madrid club. Real Madrid club is also Rafael Nadal's favourite club. Nadal loves playing golf, fishing and play station games in addition to playing football.

Rafael Nadal met world tennis player Richard Gaske when he was 12 years old. Rafael Nadal and Richard Gaske also have a good friendship. Rafael Nadal sometimes believes in superstition. When Rafael Nadal comes out to play on the field, he puts his water bottle there at the beginning of the game and does not allow anyone to remove the bottle from there.

He met his sister's friend Maria Francisca Perello then he was a very shy man and kept him away from appearing in the media. It is only on certain occasions that Nadal appears in the media with his girlfriend. His girlfriend Maria Francesca 30, has kept herself away from the media limelight and is not active on any social media. Rafael Nadal and Maria Francesca have been dating each other for the past 14 years and the two are set to get married soon. Rafael Nadal, who is shy of the media, is also the editor of Barcelona's daily newspaper El Peridico de Catelony. Speaking of Rafael Nadal's favourite movie, he loves Gladiators and Titanics.

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