Today Is Hariyali Amavasya, Do this work

Aug 01 2019 04:40 PM
Today Is Hariyali Amavasya, Do this work

It is said that the month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Bholenath and the naivete is worshipped during this month. As soon as Sawsan comes, festivals also begin and worshipping Lord Shiva in Sawan brings blessings and blessings to Bholenath. At the same time, the Amavasya of the Krishna side is celebrated as a green Amavasya in the favorite Mass Sawan of Shiva Shankar and during this rainy season, nature takes the green cover all over the place. All of you will see that this festival, dedicated to greenery and the ancestors, is being celebrated today on August 1 this year, and according to Narad Purana, the Amavasya of the month of Shravan will receive renewable fruits by performing auspicious works like The Father's Shraddha, Dan, Deva Poojan and Plantation, etc. hey ! stop that.

At the same time, it is said that the worship of Shiva in Sawan is of special importance, especially on Harihar Amavasya, especially worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Maa Parvati, and their grace always remains on the devotees and they are happy to do everything they can to meet the wishes of their devotees. It is said that it is believed that on this day, one should ever pay attention to the presiding deity and, at the same time, according to the scriptures, the law of plantation is also mentioned on this day.

On the other hand, it is said that by planting a tree, the deity in the tree quickly completes the wishes of the worshipers and according to Hinduism, the people of Pipal are inhabited by Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. At the same time, the Padma Purana says that planting a poplar tree gives more merit to a human being than performing hundreds of sacrificial fires, so trees should be planted on this day.

If you are unable to offer Bilva leaves to Lord Shiva daily, then offer one of these 4 leaves!

Kanwariyas carry 410-foot long tricolor in memory of martyrs

Get these things done by your daughter in the month of Sawan, there would be no problem with money!