Get these things done by your daughter in the month of Sawan, there would be no problem with money!

Jul 30 2019 04:40 PM
Get these things done by your daughter in the month of Sawan, there would be no problem with money!

It is said that the month of Sawan is special for all and Shivji is worshipped during this month. This month is called the most beloved month of Bholenath and the worship of Shiva is considered to be the most fruitful month. On the other hand, it is said that Kailash husband Mahadev, who gives water to the hungry for food thirsty, is more pleasant to his devotees during this month and the month of Sawan is considered beneficial for everyone.

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At the same time, this month is considered as the holy month for girls and women, as Teej, the main festival of women is also celebrated during this month. That's why this month becomes even more important. It is said that in the month of Sawan, the symbol of good fortune is called the form of Goddess Lakshmi and for this reason, the daughters make the house fortunate by their luck.

It is believed that if the situation in her mother's house deteriorates after a daughter's marriage, she must take some measures from her hands when she first arrives at her home in Savan. Let's know those measures.

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These are the remedies: Father or brother, must plant a Tulsi plant in the courtyard of the house with the hands of the daughter and burn the lamp under Tulsi in the evening as long as the daughter is in her own house. It is believed that this will always lead to peace and prosperity at home. At the same time, take jaggery from your daughter's hands-on any Tuesday of Sawan and place it in pottery and squeeze it into the courtyard of the house or somewhere in solitude.

This soon fulfils the desires of the house and property. On Wednesday, it is said that take a betel nut from daughter's hand and tie it up with a protective formula (Kalawa) and wrapped it in a yellow cloth and hung it in a corner of the house or in the temple and the remedy is believed to be free from debt forever. Joins and fills the wealth of life.

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If the newly married daughter arrives at your home on Monday morning, put her on a pedestal after having her full makeup and then the parents sit in front of her with a little Akshat (rice) and a silver coin in a pink dress. Now place the Akshat and coin in pink clothes instead of keeping the money tied to the daughter's hands and finally the parents touch the daughter's feet and wish her to solve all the problems as Goddess Lakshmi. Such a measure can brighten the fortunes of your home.

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