Because of cold, risk of heart attack increases six times

Many threats increase during cold days. One of these threats is a heart attack. In fact, according to researchers, heart attacks are more likely in winter. However, people generally believe that colds and flu cases pick up during winters, while the risk of heart attack is highest this season. However, heart disease deaths increase rapidly in the early winter, including sudden deaths. Let me tell you that studies have revealed that the risk of a heart attack on winter days is twice that of summer. At the same time, heart attacks and heart disease-related possibilities are often likely in the morning. In fact, according to researchers, our heart is stressed with flu in the winter season.

Because of this, healthy heart patients should take special care of their hearts during the winter months. However, a doctor also explained how to prevent the disease in the winter season. Let us first tell you that research published by the University of Toronto and published in the New England Journal of Medicine has made a discovery related to heart health. Canadian researchers have described an important relationship between respiratory infections, especially influenza and heart attack. Simultaneously, research in Express.Co.Uk reports that the risk of a heart attack may increase six-fold within a week of contracting the flu. This is because influenza puts stress on the heart and vascular system. On the other hand, doctors say that cases of heart attack are seen more in winter.

This situation is most commonly associated with people whose arteries are already narrow. Heart attacks are most likely in the morning when the temperature is the lowest. It is also being said that any infection increases the need to pump more blood to the heart so the damaged heart becomes more troubled. In addition, low oxygen levels in the body can trigger irregular heartbeats due to severe influenza. In this case, low blood pressure can lead to myocardial ischemia.

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