Karnataka: 140 Engg students test positive for Covid-19 in Mandya

Karnataka – On Tuesday, 140 engineering students in the Mandya district of Karnataka tested positive for Covid-19, causing widespread concern.

With this concern, PES Engineering College in Mandya, which is regarded as a prestigious institute in the region, has declared a five-day holiday. More than 350 students were tested, according to district officials, after a couple of them exhibited minor symptoms. Seventy of those who tested positive have been placed in hostel rooms, while those who are at home have been instructed to quarantine themselves and get medical care.

The development has created panic among some, and the health administration has taken precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus to the district's general population. It was determined that students who tested negative will be tested again in seven days.

Earlier this month, a high alert was given in Mandya district when 84 worshippers returning from a visit to the Om Shakthi temple in Tamil Nadu tested positive for Covid-19. Thousands of people travel from all over the district to visit the Omshakthi temple in Tamil Nadu every year. As a result of the high number of positive tests among devotees who returned from pilgrimage, the district officials colected information and tracked about 3,600 devotees from various villages in the district who returned from pilgrimage in Tamil Nadu.

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