Haryana's independent MLA said - I will not vote in Rajya Sabha elections
Haryana's independent MLA said - I will not vote in Rajya Sabha elections

Chandigarh: Theequations of the parties appear to be deteriorating in the Rajya Sabha elections in Haryana. Balraj Kundu, an independent MLA from Maham, has declared that he will not cast his vote. He said, "Today I will be absent. The special thing is that there was a fierce war of words between Kundu and Prithala MLA Nayan Pal Rawat. In Haryana, the political turmoil continues in two seats.

Speaking to media persons on Friday, Kundu said, "I will not vote for Kartikeya Sharma or any candidate and will be absent. I will stand with the people of Haryana. There is a market running here to buy and sell mlas. I also got many offers, but no one can buy or threaten me. With the entry of kartikeya, the son of former Congress leader Vinod Sharma, the election in Haryana has become interesting. At present, apart from Kartikeya, Krishna Lal Pawar from the BJP and veteran Congress leader Ajay Maken are presently present. On the one hand, where Pawar's victory seems certain. At the same time, the match between Kartikeya and Maken is looking tough.

Rawat had claimed that Kundu would support the BJP-JJP candidates. At the same time, the Maham MLA had issued a statement that he has not yet taken a decision on the support. Kundu had said, "Who is Rawat to say that I will support the BJP-JJP candidates in the Rajya Sabha elections?" During this time, he had termed the Prithala MLA as a puppet of the government. Kundu had said, "He is a puppet in the hands of the government and I will take a decision based on the will of the people." '

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